【Apply now】“pring” app on NIPPON Tablet terminals allow to make “send, receive, and pay” free of charge

Press release
August 02, 2018

Under the slogan of “making Japan a cashless society,” NIPPON PAY Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Tokyo, Japan, CEO: Jun Takagi) and its wholly-owned subsidiary NIPPON Tablet Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Tokyo, Japan, CEO: Tomoyuki Takeda) will offer free rental tablets accommodating “pring,” a communication app by pring Inc. (Head Office: Tokyo, Japan, CEO︓Mitsuhiko Ogihara).

Starting from August 2, 2018, stores throughout Japan can make cashless
transactions through “pring” on free rental tablets of NIPPON Tablet. We
accept inquiries and applications from store owners and business operators those who are interested in this service.

■What is “pring”?

“ pring ” is the QR-based smartphone payment service application. Upon
installing, users can enjoy five types of cashless transactions of “send, receive, pay, top-up or withdraw” with no handling fee. The services include making deposits and withdrawals between a user’s bank account and app, sending and receiving money between users, and making settlements using QR codes and bar codes. All of these services are offered for free.

When you make payments at brick-and-mortar stores, simply hold your
smartphone over QR codes displayed on the tablet and payments will be
done. The most attractive points of “pring” are followings; 1) handling charge is only 0.95% which is exceptionally small in the market, and 2) there is no introduction cost.

The partnership between “pring” and NIPPON Tablet will promote userfriendly cashless payment services to small and medium private stores, with many have had no options other than cash as their payment method so far.

■Aiming at creating a sustainable platform that contributes to the society

Both NIPPON PAY and NIPPON Tablet expand not only on supporting cashless payments but also their “portability platform operation” for fulfilling needs of stores throughout Japan in cooperation with various service providers. Our objective is to realize successful transition from conventional cross-platform, which tends to narrow its viewpoint on store owners, to multiplatform to offer freedom of choice and interconnectivity widely among service providers, store owners and their customers. We are making efforts to develop a shared platform, which contributes to the society as a whole on a long-term basis, while tackling with various issues that arise from enclosed-type business model.

■How to apply

Are you interested in empowering everyday transactions in your store or business with our free rental tablets with “pring”? Feel free to contact us through the web page of NIPPON Tablet (click the link below), and our representative will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

* The company name “NIPPON PAY” changed to “NIPPON Platform” on September 25, 2019.

■NIPPON Platform Co., Ltd. (As of April 10, 2019)

Head office : 2-14-5-3F Kamiosaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan
HP : https://nippon-platform.co.jp/en/
Representative : Executive chairman and Overseas operation CEO Jun Takagi
Directors : Executive president and Domestic operation CEO Shinsuke Hishiki
Date founded : October 2016
Capital : 502,487,400 JPY (Including capital reserves)
Business : Smart payment platform services
Activities : Regional revitalization and community invigoration related to mobile payment services
Advisers : HASIDA Koiti (PLR*1 technical adviser) Professor at the University of Tokyo
*1: It is one of PDS (Personal Data Store). (PLR: Personal Life Repository).