NIPPON Platform Co., Ltd. Established Overseas Subsidiaries in Asian Countries and Regions from January 2019

Press release
February 14, 2019

Accelerating overseas business developments!

TOKYO–(BUSINESS WIRE)– “Making Japan into cashless society” is the motto for NIPPON Platform Co., Ltd. which provides various cashless solutions (Tokyo, Japan, CEO: Jun Takagi). NIPPON Platform’s company philosophy is “Making Japan a cashless society will lower Japan’s national operating costs and promote the Japanese economy” since the established date in October 2016.

NIPPON Platform begins a new chapter for welcoming our third anniversary of foundation, and we facilitate overseas business collaborated with domestic business.
NIPPON Platform has acquired exclusive sales right with Singaporean company “NETS” for Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, and India in December 2018.
NIPPON Platform accelerated alliances with payment brands not only in Southeast Asia, but in the whole world from January 2019. We have set up corporations in Asian countries and regions for starting activities locally to develop overseas business smoothly, flexibly and speedily.

NIPPON Platform CEO Mr. Takagi presented that we have established local subsidiaries in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and India, and we are negotiating with other countries and regions. We are
preparing to set up local subsidiaries in Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines, and Korea. We got a guarantee with cross-border development for Japan from the central bank of a certain country, so we are
excited to give you a big announcement this spring. Now, we have been promoting overseas strategies focused on inbound that bringing global payment brands to Japan.

In the future we will focus on outbound that brings Japanese payment brands to overseas after 2020. NIPPON Platform sets up growth beyond the border. Our spirit is “No venture, No gain” to become a world-class unicorn company.