Navigating by NIPPON Platform! Taiwanese government officers did inspection tour about Japanese cashless movement frontier

Press release
June 27, 2018

“Making Japan into cashless society” is the motto for NIPPON Platform which provides various cashless solutions is navigating Taiwanese government officers’ inspection tour in Japan from May 22 to May 24. NIPPON Platform introduced cashless movement and the latest digital settlement situation in Japan. This was second time for NIPPON Platform to navigate cashless inspection tour from Taiwan this year.

■Taiwanese key figures in politics and commerce inspect two cashless leading companies

This inspection was organized after Mr. Takagi (CEO of NIPPON Platform) seminar about cashless in Taiwan for Taiwanese key figures in politics and commerce in 2018/5/7. About this tour, tour leader was Mr. KUO YU (Taiwanese government small and medium companies information dept. MD), and 26 people including Taiwanese government officers or cashless industry business persons joined. They visited two Japanese cashless leading companies which are pring Inc. and Doreming Co.,Ltd. During this inspection tour, Mr.Takagi was serving as bridges between Japanese companies and Taiwan side. He created many discussion times and it was productive for both of them.

■Push forward Japanese and Taiwanese relation in cashless movement

After this tour, tour leader Mr. KUO YAU-HWAN said, “Taiwan is trying to achieve 90% cashless society by2025, and we would like to improve our cashless society with cooperating Japan”.
If Japan and Taiwan can push forward cashless society, it will be great benefit for Japanese local authorities too. This is because Taiwan is the second largest tourists visiting Japan. NIPPON Platform has established “Taiwan tablet pre-opening office”, and will focus on inviting Taiwanese settlement companies to Japan or tablet rental business in Taiwan. We will stimulate Japan and Taiwan economy and improve friendship to accelerate cashless society.