NIPPON Platform introduces “JKOPAY,” Taiwan’s fast-growing smartphone payment service to Japan

Press release
September 26, 2018

NIPPON Platform Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Tokyo, Japan, CEO: Jun Takagi), the provider of various cashless solutions under a slogan of “making Japan a cashless society,” has reached a partnership agreement with JKOPAY Co., LTD(Head Office: Taipei, Taiwan (ROC), CEO︓Kevin Hu), the fast-growing payment service provider in Taiwan, and will introduce its mobile settlement service “JKOPAY” to the Japanese market.

Kevin Hu, CEO of JKOPAY on the left
Jun Takagi, CEO of NIPPON Platform, on the right

■What is JKOPAY?

Cashless payments have been rapidly gaining popularity in Taiwan (ROC),
13.7 percent of domestic consumption is made by mobile payments through smartphones (credit cards and electric money are excluded).

JKOPAY is the third popular mobile payment service next to LINE Pay and
Apple Pay (*) and further future growth is expected. Japan is the first country JKOPAY setting up overseas operations, and NIPPON Platform have agreed to have a mutual business partnership.

* It was reported by the Institute for Information Industry of Taiwan in 2017.

■Access JKOPAY via tablet terminals of NIPPON Tablet

Upon this partnership agreement, NIPPON Tablet Co., Ltd. (Head Office:
Tokyo, Japan, CEO: Tomoyuki Takeda), a wholly-owned subsidiary of NIPPON Platform, will incorporate JKOPAY in all of the free rental tablet terminals that we provide throughout Japan. Given that users can access to JKOPAY services in Japan just in the same way they do in Taiwan (ROC) without cross border fees, it will be quite beneficial for both international shoppers and store owners who welcome them in Japan.

NIPPON Platform will continue to expand our partnerships with overseas
settlement services, making great efforts to enrich domestic market and
revitalize regional economy through supporting inbound activities for small and mid-sized stores.

■ NIPPON Platform Co., Ltd.

Headquarter address : 2-14-5-3F Kamiosaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Website :
CEO : Jun Takagi
Date of establishment : October 2016
Capital : 502,487,400 JPY (Including capital reserves)
Main Business : Payment platform services
Services for small and medium sized businesses
Adviser : HASIDA Koiti (PLR*1 technical adviser) Professor at the University of Tokyo
* PLR: Personal Life Repositor. It is one of Personal Data Store (PDS)