NIPPON Platform株式会社(ニッポンプラットフォーム)代表取締役社長 兼 国内事業CEO 菱木 信介 Overseas Chief Executive Officer

 NIPPON Platform's company philosophy is "Making Japan a cashless society will lower Japan's national operating costs and promote the Japanese economy”. Our company provides various cashless solution services including the Chinese payments WeChat Pay, Alipay, Union Pay, and also domestic smartphone settlement services such as Amazon Pay etc.
Originally, I worked on other business, but I started to pay attention to "cashless" when I saw waves of cashless transactions in Africa and Asia when I traveled there several years ago, and I was shocked. In Africa, a money transfer service by mobile terminal called "M-Pesa" is widespread. For example, people from Maasai also transfer their salary earned by working in the Middle East to their home country with a smartphone. Also, in China it is not unusual to see the homeless begging with a QR code. India, China and Africa, which account for most of the world population of 7 billion people, are already heading towards a full-fledged cashless society, which is becoming world-class.
Since cash is not carried around due to cashless alternatives, robbery has decreased in Asian emerging markets and security has improved. As physical contact with banknotes and coins are reduced, epidemic diseases decrease, and settlement data provides an audit trail which in turn leads to a reduction of bribes and tax evasion.
 On the other hand, in Japan, about 80% of personal consumption is still cash settlement, and is completely against world trends. It is clear that many Japanese companies will lag behind in responding to foreign tourists visiting Japan and miss the opportunity of global expansion of their business.
 At NIPPON Platform, we have consistently worked on developing cashless in Japan since our founding, providing a tablet rental business to stores, local governments, etc.
By utilizing the settlement and interpreting functions installed on the tablet, we are working on "cashless" all over Japan, starting from cashless settlement enabling a smooth response to foreigners visiting Japan.
 Rarely in 2018, cashless services are released one after another in the field of finance and communications, and it is a year that can be called a milestone as "the first year of pay pay."
Furthermore, in 2020 when many foreigners will come to Japan, is a unique chance to make Japan cashless. NIPPON Platform is a leader in driving cashless services in Japan and we will make every effort to ensure everyone can enjoy the benefits of a safe and convenient cashless society.
Please keep up with NIPPON Platform developments.